Anti Extremism

Before the creation of MQM, Karachi city where MQM holds majority today was much worst than the town of Pakistan named Jhang known for religious and fanatical extremism.

When MQM came into the picture few decades ago, Altaf Hussain helped people realize and enlightened them with the religious and sectarian harmony and taught them the co-existence and inter-faith-tolerance and gave the idea of ‘live and let live’.

Altaf Hussain was one of the early victims of extremism when he was attacked by terrorists from Jamat-e-Islami in University of Karachi during early days of his student-cum-political life.

Altaf Hussain was about to start a political and cultural mind empowerment in a society where Deobandi taught to kill shia and the Shia taught the same, the co-existence was mere impossible.

Soon after 911 attacks on America, MQM set up one of the Pakistan’s biggest candle light vigil in the memories of those who lost valuable lives int he attacks.

Few years back, when the government planned to make a deal with terrorist leader Sufi Muhammad in order to implement Sharia Law, MQM took a strong stance against the decision saying that this would create sectarian extremism and will cause religious rift between Shia and Sunni. Few months later, the nation observed the same and they had to start a military operation in the north-front of Pakistan to curb terrorism.

Altaf Hussain believes that all religions and sects have the right to practice their believes in whatever manner they deem correct and anyone found intolerable of other person’s religious views should be tried under the law.