Jinnah Pur – Conspiracy that Altaf Hussain wants a separate state?

By the so-called establishment and media, Altaf Hussain have been frequently blamed in past to secretly conspiring in favor of a separate and independent state other than Pakistan. These conspiracy theories were given a final push when during a concocted military raid, law enforcement agencies recovered a fake map, that to be of Jinnah Pur, a fake plan which had been blamed on Altaf Hussain in past.

Inter Services Public Relations – the press department of the Pakistan’s military and intelligence services held a large press conference in which journalists from province of Punjab and Khyber-Pakhtunkhuwah were specially flown in by military air craft – were given special eyes to the concocted map and were briefed about the fake conspiracy theory of how Altaf Hussain have planned to divide Pakistan. Next day, all Pakistani dailies were littered with the headlines of the military debunking conspiracy theory against Pakistan.

A few months later, a merely 1 column news appears in the same dailies, mentioning the same Inter Services Public Relations of quoting that the Jinnah Pur plan and maps recovered and the associated military raid – were all fake and baseless.

Later after many years in August 2009, the then intelligence bureau (IB) head who led the intelligence operations which were politically motivated, Brigadier Imtiaz Ahmed, came on media and truthfully said that the claims made were politically motivated and to malign the image of Altaf Hussain.

Those hatched this conspiracy theory forgot in the first place of who they are blaming to be against Pakistan. Altaf Hussain has blood in his veins of the families and descends the great leaders who gave blood for the independence of this country, who surrendered their life and property on the name of this country, who led the mass human migration in the Indian Sub-continent in the history of mankind.

Women Rights

Altaf Hussain’s strong stance for the protection of rights of women in Pakistan have brought pain and unease to mafia who think of women as nothing more than a consumable commodity.

In the past decades of the politics of Pakistan, we have seen Altaf Hussain to be the strongest voice against feudal sick minded practices of Child Marriages, Watta Satta, Honor Killing, Marriage with Quran and forced labour of women.

Altaf Hussain have been one of the strongest voice against the General Zia created law to punish women outside the Shariah law.

Altaf Hussain supported the recent amendment into the law to give women elected members a fixed quota into the legislative assembly and maintain proper representation. Altaf Hussain’s own political party MQM has one of the strongest ratio of Women representation as compared to any other political party of Pakistan.

Altaf Hussain believes that social ailments like gender discrimination, sexual harassment, domestic violence, child abuse, rape in vengeance and forcing the opponent’s womenfolk to march on public streets naked, honour killings, child marriage, Karo Kari, Vinee, Marriage to the Holy Quran, Bonded Labour and Child Labour will have to be dealt with by public awareness campaign in collaboration with community participation and stringent legislative measures.

Along with that all the discriminatory laws against women and religious minorities would be repealed, rampant gender discrimination both in urban and rural areas, the discouragement of female education and their full participation in society as equal citizen would be addressed through persistent teaching, public awareness and appropriate administrative and legislative measures.

As historically being done in past, religion should not obstruct the exercise of the inherent right of a citizen of Pakistan to participate in any matter; socio economic and or political.

Education for all

In the view of Altaf Hussain, education enriches lives and is an economic necessity for any developing country. We need to modernise our education system and spread education through out the country on war footings by taking all the necessary actions.

Most pressed and sought after stance of Altaf Hussain in improving the education system in Pakistan by abolishing the present dual system of education in the country where the educational institutions for poor people have different standards as compared to the English medium and Grammar schools. This can be done by raising the standard of Urdu Medium and Government educational institutions to bring it at par with the Grammar and English medium educational institutions. On top of that an increase expenditure in education from 2.2 % to 5 % of GDP is a must at this time.

He also believed that the Madarsas need to be provided all out incentives to bring their syllabus and standard of teaching in conformity with the main stream education.

Altaf Hussain also says that minimum 20 percent of the provincial and district government’s revenue must be spent and allocated for education. Every district, town, city and village must have a group of its own set of schools, colleges, universities, professional and vocational institutes.

Other than focusing primary on education, he also emphases on the process of education like suggesting that training and refresher courses of primary and secondary school teachers must be launched extensively through the country along with female teachers given preference for primary education recruitment.

He also demands that all the private-held institutes, colleges, universities and coaching centers must be regulated and their academic business monitored by the government.

Humanitarian aid

It was the devastating 7.6 magnitude earthquake of 2005 in the Kashmir Pakistan region – when the rest of the Pakistan go to know how kind of humanitarian services Altaf Hussain is leading in Pakistan. Altaf Hussain’s party runs one of the country’s biggest humanitarian and relief infrastructure which has been historically seen active in natural disasters and catastrophes. Be it 2005 earthquake, or floods in 2010 – Altaf Hussain’s humanitarian efforts have been internationally recognized and acclaimed as a leader under who’s administration such large efforts are organized in a skillful manner. Altaf Hussain started these efforts under the name of Khidmat-e-Khalq Committee (KKC) and registered in 1978 (The KKC was transformed into KKF, i.e.- Khidmat-e-Khalq Foundation in January 1998). Today this may come to a shock and surprise to many that the first ever donation given to his own charity was by Altaf Hussain himself from his teenage earnings – i.e. the earnings he made by teaching tuition to junior students. The first major display or achievement of KKF was in the year 1979 and 1982 when KKF distributed record amount of food, clothing, other things for daily use and medical aid amongst dispossessed exodus families of stranded Pakistanis from Bangladesh. Today KKF also runs a Legal Aid Committee, bringing free legal advice and full services to the poor and needy. This is indeed all the idea and vision of Altaf Hussain.

Realism and Practicalism

Altaf Hussain and his party, MQM, follow the philosophy of Realism and Practicalism.Talking about his party MQM, Hussain stated that

We stand for equal rights and opportunities for all irrespective of colour, creed, cast, sect, gender, ethnicity or religion. We strive tirelessly for tolerance, religious or otherwise and oppose fanaticism, terrorism and violence in all their manifestations.

In the last few years, Hussain has warned against the growing influence of the Taliban in Karachi. Hussain stated that the “advocates of Jihad, a medieval concept to tame the infidel, are wantonly killing followers of the faith as they level places of worship.” In 2008, he stated that a “well planned conspiracy to intensify sectarian violence in the city, was being hatched.”

Empowerment for All

Altaf Hussain is the first leader in Pakistan who gave the idea of people empowerment. Altaf Hussain believe in devolution of power and empowerment of the citizens as the quote says, stronger provinces means stronger federation.

The first time and unique demonstration of this idea of empowerment by Altaf Hussain was in form of the last Local Bodies system in which Altaf Hussain’s political party MQM got majority in the Local Bodies election and set up the City governments in Karachi, Hyderabad, Mirpur Khas and Sukkur.

This has been number – 1 point in MQM’s election manifestos to give provincial autonomy to all provinces of Pakistan as it was envisioned by Jinnah. The founding fathers during their struggle for independence all along advocated autonomy to the constituent units. The Lahore resolution of 1940 also advocated autonomy for the constituent units. Unfortunately, the promises of the founding fathers and aspirations of the people of Pakistan were never respected which led to the dismemberment of the country in 1971. At present, this unresolved issue of Provincial autonomy is the biggest cause of disharmony and distrust between the federating units of Pakistan. MQM wants a national dialogue and consensus among the federating units to settle this contentious issue in a way that fulfil the aspirations of the people of Pakistan specially the people of smaller provinces.

Altaf Hussain stands committed to plead, advocate and espouse the cause of provincial autonomy through such constitutional measures where – the federation should retain the subjects of Defence, Foreign affairs and currency and all other subjects should fall in the domain of the federating units and – the creation of an Inter Provincial Council for promoting harmony between federation and the provinces and amongst provinces.