Early Life

Altaf Hussain was born of September 17, 1953 in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. His father, Nazeer Hussain (d. 1967) and mother Khurshed Begum (d. 1985) both belonged to Agra, India. His family migrated from India to Pakistan after the creation of Pakistan on August 14 1947, and settled in the neighborhood of “Ibn-e-sena Lines” in Karachi.

Altaf Hussain came from a family of four sisters and seven brothers.

Nasir Hussain, his elder brother was a government employee and was allotted a small quarter on Jahangir Road and then his whole family was moved there from their “Ibn-e-sena lines” quarter. Later in early 1970’s Altaf Hussain and his family shifted to a small house of 120 sq yards (1,080 sq.ft.) in Azizabad, Karachi. This is the same house where Altaf Hussain started his political activities and later became the center meeting point for all political activities. Today this place is commonly referred to Nine-zero, Karachi.

Since childhood, Altaf Hussain has a pain for the poor and innocent people which was witnessed by elders in his family and his neighbors. Unlike most children, Altaf Hussain had developed a mature and reasonable personality in his teens with a passion to bring change to the common man in his country Pakistan.