Educational Services

In the view of Altaf Hussain, education enriches lives and is an economic necessity for any developing country. We need to modernise our education system and spread education through out the country on war footings by taking all the necessary actions.

Most pressed and sought after stance of Altaf Hussain in improving the education system in Pakistan by abolishing the present dual system of education in the country where the educational institutions for poor people have different standards as compared to the English medium and Grammar schools. This can be done by raising the standard of Urdu Medium and Government educational institutions to bring it at par with the Grammar and English medium educational institutions. On top of that an increase expenditure in education from 2.2 % to 5 % of GDP is a must at this time.

He also believed that the Madarsas need to be provided all out incentives to bring their syllabus and standard of teaching in conformity with the main stream education.

Altaf Hussain also says that minimum 20 percent of the provincial and district government’s revenue must be spent and allocated for education. Every district, town, city and village must have a group of its own set of schools, colleges, universities, professional and vocational institutes.

Other than focusing primary on education, he also emphases on the process of education like suggesting that training and refresher courses of primary and secondary school teachers must be launched extensively through the country along with female teachers given preference for primary education recruitment.

He also demands that all the private-held institutes, colleges, universities and coaching centers must be regulated and their academic business monitored by the government.