Foreign Relations

Altaf Hussain believes in friendly and brotherly relations with all the nations of the world.

This stance have specially been criticized when he says that like all other countries of the world, we should have strong friendly relations with our neighbors including India.

The war-mongering occult conspiracy theorists conspiring and planning to rage war against neighbors all the time have been found seriously critic on Altaf Hussain’s peaceful policy of economic cooperation and open trade agreements with India.

At numerous occasions, Altaf Hussain have said in his statements that strong relations with the European Union, North America and Asian countries is their partly policy and is in the favor of the common citizen of Pakistan.

Altaf Hussain encourages confidence building measures and dialogue process with India and desires peace and close cooperation between the countries of South Asia especially in economic fields so as to provide peace, progress and prosperity to one fifth population of the world living in this region.