Humanitarian Services

It was the devastating 7.6 magnitude earthquake of 2005 in the Kashmir Pakistan region – when the rest of the Pakistan go to know how kind of humanitarian services Altaf Hussain is leading in Pakistan.

Altaf Hussain’s party runs one of the country’s biggest humanitarian and relief infrastructure which has been historically seen active in natural disasters and catastrophes. Be it 2005 earthquake, or floods in 2010 – Altaf Hussain’s humanitarian efforts have been internationally recognized and acclaimed as a leader under who’s administration such large efforts are organized in a skillful manner.

Altaf Hussain started these efforts under the name of Khidmat-e-Khalq Committee (KKC) and registered in 1978 (The KKC was transformed into KKF, i.e.- Khidmat-e-Khalq Foundation in January 1998).

Today this may come to a shock and surprise to many that the first ever donation given to his own charity was by Altaf Hussain himself from his teenage earnings – i.e. the earnings he made by teaching tuition to junior students.

The first major display or achievement of KKF was in the year 1979 and 1982 when KKF distributed record amount of food, clothing, other things for daily use and medical aid amongst dispossessed exodus families of stranded Pakistanis from Bangladesh.

Today KKF also runs a Legal Aid Committee, bringing free legal advice and full services to the poor and needy.

This is indeed all the idea and vision of Altaf Hussain.