Jinnah Pur – Conspiracy that Altaf Hussain wants a separate state?

By the so-called establishment and media, Altaf Hussain have been frequently blamed in past to secretly conspiring in favor of a separate and independent state other than Pakistan. These conspiracy theories were given a final push when during a concocted military raid, law enforcement agencies recovered a fake map, that to be of Jinnah Pur, a fake plan which had been blamed on Altaf Hussain in past.

Inter Services Public Relations – the press department of the Pakistan’s military and intelligence services held a large press conference in which journalists from province of Punjab and Khyber-Pakhtunkhuwah were specially flown in by military air craft – were given special eyes to the concocted map and were briefed about the fake conspiracy theory of how Altaf Hussain have planned to divide Pakistan. Next day, all Pakistani dailies were littered with the headlines of the military debunking conspiracy theory against Pakistan.

A few months later, a merely 1 column news appears in the same dailies, mentioning the same Inter Services Public Relations of quoting that the Jinnah Pur plan and maps recovered and the associated military raid – were all fake and baseless.

Later after many years in August 2009, the then intelligence bureau (IB) head who led the intelligence operations which were politically motivated, Brigadier Imtiaz Ahmed, came on media and truthfully said that the claims made were politically motivated and to malign the image of Altaf Hussain.

Those hatched this conspiracy theory forgot in the first place of who they are blaming to be against Pakistan. Altaf Hussain has blood in his veins of the families and descends the great leaders who gave blood for the independence of this country, who surrendered their life and property on the name of this country, who led the mass human migration in the Indian Sub-continent in the history of mankind.

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