People Empowerment

Altaf Hussain is the first leader in Pakistan who gave the idea of people empowerment. Altaf Hussain believe in devolution of power and empowerment of the citizens as the quote says, stronger provinces means stronger federation.

The first time and unique demonstration of this idea of empowerment by Altaf Hussain was in form of the last Local Bodies system in which Altaf Hussain’s political party MQM got majority in the Local Bodies election and set up the City governments in Karachi, Hyderabad, Mirpur Khas and Sukkur.

This has been number – 1 point in MQM’s election manifestos to give provincial autonomy to all provinces of Pakistan as it was envisioned by Jinnah. The founding fathers during their struggle for independence all along advocated autonomy to the constituent units. The Lahore resolution of 1940 also advocated autonomy for the constituent units. Unfortunately, the promises of the founding fathers and aspirations of the people of Pakistan were never respected which led to the dismemberment of the country in 1971. At present, this unresolved issue of Provincial autonomy is the biggest cause of disharmony and distrust between the federating units of Pakistan. MQM wants a national dialogue and consensus among the federating units to settle this contentious issue in a way that fulfil the aspirations of the people of Pakistan specially the people of smaller provinces.

Altaf Hussain stands committed to plead, advocate and espouse the cause of provincial autonomy through such constitutional measures where – the federation should retain the subjects of Defence, Foreign affairs and currency and all other subjects should fall in the domain of the federating units and – the creation of an Inter Provincial Council for promoting harmony between federation and the provinces and amongst provinces.