Rights of Minorities

Minorities frequently find democratic, majority rule processes to be extremely threatening. The danger is that the majority will simply use its power to win elections, and then take away the rights of the minority.   (Minorities may be defined on religious, racial, ethnic, gender, or  political differences which arise among all groups.) This is why effective mechanisms for protecting minority rights are essential to the success of any democratic dispute resolution process.

Usually, these mechanisms involve constitutional protections of rights of all citizens.  Parliamentary systems, which give minority groups representation, rather than giving complete power to the group that wins 51% of the vote is also a way to increase the power of minority groups.  Another important mechanism for protecting minority rights is the use of political subdivisions. Here the idea is to divide the larger society into a number of highly homogeneous political subdivisions without significant minority groups. These divisions are then granted as much autonomy and home rule as possible. In theory, this does much to eliminate the minority group problem. Unfortunately, it only works in situations where there is a clear geographic separation between groups who are involved in serious conflict. In most cases, contending groups are so intermingled that the subdivision approach is not workable. In these cases other measures are needed to protect minority rights.

In Pakistan, where the socio-ethnic-sectarian-religious divides tabbo topics, Altaf Hussain is the personality which stood up with all the minorities, which is the essence of social justice system and mean of real democracy.

There is only one leader in Pakistan who have explicitly come forward to talk about the rights – not worrying of how the rest of ‘majority’ will blame/name him or start defamation propagandas.

Altaf Hussain have historically spoken for the protection of rights of Hindu, Sikh, Ahl-Tashiyah (Shia), Ahmadi (Qadyani), Ismaili (Agha Khani), Bohri and other minorities. On the linguistics side, Altaf Hussain have been the true voice of Saraiki and Baloch people.

Till date, there is not a single leader in Pakistan who have stood up to protect the rights of the minorities.