Rights of Women

Altaf Hussain’s strong stance for the protection of rights of women in Pakistan have brought pain and unease to mafia who think of women as nothing more than a consumable commodity.

In the past decades of the politics of Pakistan, we have seen Altaf Hussain to be the strongest voice against feudal sick minded practices of Child Marriages, Watta Satta, Honor Killing, Marriage with Quran and forced labour of women.

Altaf Hussain have been one of the strongest voice against the General Zia created law to punish women outside the Shariah law.

Altaf Hussain supported the recent amendment into the law to give women elected members a fixed quota into the legislative assembly and maintain proper representation. Altaf Hussain’s own political party MQM has one of the strongest ratio of Women representation as compared to any other political party of Pakistan.

Altaf Hussain believes that social ailments like gender discrimination, sexual harassment, domestic violence, child abuse, rape in vengeance and forcing the opponent’s womenfolk to march on public streets naked, honour killings, child marriage, Karo Kari, Vinee, Marriage to the Holy Quran, Bonded Labour and Child Labour will have to be dealt with by public awareness campaign in collaboration with community participation and stringent legislative measures.

Along with that all the discriminatory laws against women and religious minorities would be repealed, rampant gender discrimination both in urban and rural areas, the discouragement of female education and their full participation in society as equal citizen would be addressed through persistent teaching, public awareness and appropriate administrative and legislative measures.

As historically being done in past, religion should not obstruct the exercise of the inherent right of a citizen of Pakistan to participate in any matter; socio economic and or political.