Service in the Military

During early 1970s General Yahiya Khan introduce the new scheme of National Cadet Service Scheme for all intermediate students where all Intermediate pass students would be able to join the Army and give their services to the Nation. Being a Patriotic Pakistan that he is, Altaf Hussain immediately applied to play his role to defend his motherland. After clearing all the tests required for eligibility, he was recruited in the Army. His regiment name was 57 Balochistan Regiment and his soldier number was 2642671.

In 1971, his regiment was shifted from Hyderabad to Karachi and then sent to the then East Pakistan via ships. Altaf Hussain prayed for martyrdom in the line of his duty to protect his motherland. During the interview for final selection of recruits he was asked where his parents are from, to which he replied they came from Agra in India. Hearing this the officer conducting the interview disregarded him of being a Pakistani and branded him as a Mohajir (migrant) and an Indian who is unfaithful to Pakistan, Altaf Hussain told the officer that he was born here and his parents came to Pakistan for the love of this Nation but to no avail, he was dropped by the selection officer.