True Democracy

Altaf Hussain believes in true democracy and have stood since the beginning for the cause of it. Popularity can win seats in major elections, but it can never guarantee a true democracy. Democracy will not work (will not be a TRUE democracy) unless its citizens (the very people who made a government popular) are sufficiently prepared for it with knowledge and reason! Case in point is Hitler, and is worth remembering that he was elected by a democratic vote the consequences of which was the sufferings on the very people who elected him (due to the unacceptable degree of ignorance and lack of political education).

To understand this, we have to read the works of Plato, in The Republic! For those who might not know, Plato is one of the most remarkable philosophers to have ever lived, and will always be remembered with likes of Socrates (his teacher) and Aristotle (his student).

Democratic self-government does not work, according to Plato, because ordinary people have not learned how to run the ship of state. They are not familiar enough with such things as economics, military strategy, conditions in other countries, or the confusing intricacies of law and ethics. In their ignorance they tend to vote for politicians who mesmerize them with appearances and hazy talk, and they inevitably find themselves at the mercy of administrations and conditions over which they have no control because they do not understand what is happening around them (hence the consequences of Hitler era).

Similarly in Pakistan, the situation is much different than it is sketched in the media. A small bunch of 100-families lead all the politics and own all the major businesses, and this is what Altaf Hussain is against. Those 100 families change faces in every election and name it true democracy, where as it is really not a democracy when a slave is bound to vote for their masters for the sake safety of them and their families.

Ideology of Altaf Hussain about what true democracy means is further described in underneath pages.

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